How do you create a stylish and unique gown?

Every woman, every body and especially every bride is her own universe. Popp and Kretschmer offer access to the tailor-made creations of the Viennese fashion label „Tiberius“ and with that the enjoyment of pure luxury when it comes to wedding dresses and ball gowns.

Step 1: First consultation
First consultation

A wedding dress can only be authentic if the wearer feels beautiful and stylish in it. Tiberius’ designer Marcos Valenzuela will meet you for a personal conversation to completely immerse himself in your, the bride’s, conceptual world. It is his goal to understand your vision so he can design the perfect and bespoke gown for your wedding. It will reflect all the facets of your personality on the most beautiful day of your life.

Step 2: Design

Based on the information collected during the first consultation, sketches of three gowns will be created. Out of this triumvirate of wedding gowns you can choose your favourite and adding once again fine tuning and adding your ideas and specific wishes.

Step 3: Choosing the cloth
Choosing the cloth

When choosing a material, you want to consider the quality, texture, weight and colour. Together with our team you will venture into the flatteringly-delicate realm of fabrics and, guided by the knowledgable Marcos Valenzuela, you will return with the perfect material for your inimitable bridal gown.

Step 4: Developing the pattern
Developing the pattern

The paper sketch of your dress is now developing; during this process we will create a „molino“, which is a kind of rehearsal dress - making it possible for you to imagine exactly what this dress adapted perfectly to your body will look like in reality. The pattern will be reviewed once more on the basis of this molino and adjusted where necessary.

Step 5: Fittings

During the fittings, you will be wearing your bridal or ball gown for the first time in an intimate setting at „Popp & Kretschmer“, in the heart of Vienna, the most liveable city in the world, where every corner tells tales of a bygone era. With the Vienna State Opera as a backdrop you will be transported through time and transformed into a breathtakingly beautiful diva.

Step 6: Creation of the gown
Creation of the gown

A gown by the label „Tiberius“ typifies craftsmanship of the utmost precision and a love of detail. Pearls, crystals and lace are hand sewn and over many hours and with loving attention to detail a bridal gown is created, that radiates a lasting authenticity and romance.

Step 7: Final fitting
Final fitting

You review your tailor-made gown one final and important time. We are only done once you are happy and delighted with every detail. Together we will create a dress for eternity, which will be talked about at length and the sight of which will remain in the memory of the bride and groom and their wedding guests for the rest of their life.

Step 8: Handover of the gown
ÜHandover of the gown

With a tailor-made „Tiberius“ bridal gown from the house of „Popp & Kretschmer“ the pure luxury of a hand-made dress caresses your body. But it is also the story of a proud self-confident woman who walks down the aisle as a uniquely beautiful individual.

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